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Longer answer: One day when I was driving around, the latest Taylor Swift/Bruno Mars/Generic Pop song came on the radio for the 1 millionth time that day.  As I was (admittedly) rocking out… I realized that hearing good music should be easier.  Good bands need a better way to get their music heard, and it’s kind of cool when you’re one of the people who gets to hear the next Beatles or Aerosmith back when they were small potatoes.  (Considering how much acid the Beatles did, they may even have thought they were literally potatoes a couple times).

So this is my attempt at a solution. When you go to the actual music player (the Start Rating! link or the Go to Music Rater link up top), a random song is chosen. Make sure to mess around with the search preferences so that the music types you’re interested in are the ones chosen. While you listen, the website will ask you questions about the song (with some random ones thrown in just for fun). Answer the ones you want, and at the end of the song let us know what rating you think it should get. The more people rate each song, the more confidence we have in the overall rating the song should be given.

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Are you a band?  Are you looking for more feedback on your songs?  Are you looking for more song exposure?  Do you like when websites ask you rhetorical questions?  Well upload your songs, receive and review feedback, and sell them from here. For more info click here for more band information.  Or if you'd rather just jump into it, then click here to sign up for a band account.

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